Origin of the Idea

I started to golf in my later years as I was finishing my university studies, mainly as an opportunity to spend 5 hours with friends as our lives became busier. As I continued to play, my love for the game continued to grow and I became an avid golfer.

But throughout the years, even when following winter programs to help improve my game in the summer, I was not able to break the infamous mark of 100 regularly. I could hold my own on the golf course and contribute at golf tournaments, but I was not an excellent golfer by any standards.

One summer in the early 2000s during a round of golf, a friend who is a scratch golfer pointed out that I should concentrate on improving my putting. At that point, I was 2 to 4 putting. He pointed out that reducing my putting to 1 to 3 putts could potentially reduce my score my at least 10 strokes per game.

Logical? Yes, it made sense. Too easy? Looked that way to me. But I am always willing to try something to perfect my game. Throughout the rest of the summer, I started to focus on my putting stroke, working with my local pro and lots of practice. I looked for practice areas but was surprised at the little availability for putting practice. I therefore worked mainly on the practice greens prior to a round or at home on our carpet. My game score rapidly improved throughout the summer and I started regularly scoring between 94-99 strokes per round. Ok, the idea made sense to me.

Puzzled by the lack of areas, I started to do my own research. Not many options were available at that time. Outdoors? You need a good greens keeper to maintain a quality facility and green maintenance is a large percentage of the golf course operating cost. Indoors? The green carpet was not a viable option and artificial grass did not offer a realistic experience at that timeā€¦

The idea has since been stewing, occasionally searching for practice options. Synthetic grass was improving and was becoming more and more realistic. Within the last year, more extensive research across North America identified some viable options. It was now time to fully explore the idea.

I have been able to identify quality suppliers and designers to bring the concept to light. I am now looking for a financial partner or someone who would like to purchase the this “ready-to-go” concept and implement it.

Come and discover how you can offer to golfers the benefits of PUTTING PERFECTED!

Antoine, Imaginator/Creator