The Concept

Around The Green is a golf centre offering year-round access to golf greens.  Our slogan/mantra is ‘Putting Perfected’. It features high quality synthetic grass that replicates the natural grass experience.

The centre is designed to allow the customer to focus on their skills on and around the green (putting and chipping). Each of the 8 greens has 550 sq.ft. of practice area. There are 3 levels of putting challenges created by a variety of green shapes, slopes as well as multiple cup positions and grass length.

Around The Green’s services also include access to CPGAs for lessons and seminars and the opportunity to try the year’s hottest putters as demonstrators.

One of the greens can be enclosed for private lessons, meetings and activities.

Around The Green’s reservations system is accessible in-person, over-the-phone as well as online. This allows all customers to be able to access the company’s services no matter the preferred communication method.